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Kick Start your Career with Online RSA Certificate Training in WA

Do you have some experience working at a sporting club, restaurant, café, school, or some other venue that serves food and alcohol? Even if you merely volunteered at a local neighbourhood pub, that familiarity counts as prior experience of responsible service of alcohol. This past knowledge is a key component to prove your practical skills while applying for an online RSA Certificate in WA.

Although some businesses will allow you to work without having an RSA Certificate, the obligation to obtain RSA training is yours. When you begin a position in the hospitality industry where alcohol is served, you must provide proof of an RSA Certificate within 30 days. Now you can obtain the RSA Certificate online with our affordable and flexible training series.

Train to Gain is nationally accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), the standards body for skills training. We offer training for an RSA Certificate in WA, and we are proud to be approved by the NSW Food Authority council.

Complete the RSA Certificate Training Online in WA

Imagine you’ve just landed your new job in the hospitality business and your superior instructs you to complete the RSA training within 30 days. If you aren’t familiar with what an RSA Certificate is, it can be overwhelming to figure out how and where to obtain the certificate. Also, how would you know whether a particular training course is acceptable?

A Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate shows that a person knows the guidelines and protocols regarding alcohol consumption in Australia. The RSA Certification is necessary and allows employees to serve alcohol and work in places that sell alcohol. This includes many establishments such as restaurants, sporting venues, hotels, and cafes.

If you want to have a career in the hospitality industry, the RSA Certificate is essential. While the RSA Certificate is mandatory in all states, not all training courses are created equal. Also, the requirements vary from state to state, so it’s important to be sure you check the requirements for your area. For example, while one cannot take the training online for the state of Victoria, it is possible to participate online in South Australia, Queensland, and Western Australia.

RSA Certification Training Online in WA

We offer an easy to follow, affordable online training for those who have some practical skills in the responsible service of alcohol. Our syllabus includes an online checklist form that is sent to your nominated observer via e-mail so the process is entirely stress-free and everything is returned online.

After completing our online training, you will have knowledge of the proper service of alcohol and its consumption in Australia. You will be able to spot an intoxicated customer and will know if someone is too young to drink.

Give us a call during business hours from 9am – 5pm on 0400 757 645 and let’s get started on your future in hospitality.

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