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Get Your Staff Ready to Serve Alcohol: Use Train to Gain Online Training to Get RSA Certificates in Cairns

Whether you are getting ready for the grand opening of a brand-new restaurant or hiring a mostly-new seasonal staff for your hotel, there is a good chance that many of your workers will need RSA certificates. The ‘RSA’ in ‘RSA certificate’ stands for ‘Responsible Service of Alcohol.’ Your staff will need this qualification to serve or handle alcoholic beverages in their daily duties.

You may be asking: how can I possibly get RSA certificates in Cairns for all my employees?’ Grand openings and peak business seasons are time sensitive engagements. You may not have a lot of time to work with to get RSA certificates for everyone on your team. Even if you did, how can your employees get the necessary training conveniently?

Train to Gain: An Easier Way to Get RSA Certificate for Your Team

At Train to Gain, we have answers for each of these questions. We are a registered training organisation (provider number 22361) with a focus on the hospitality industry. Unlike some RTOs, we don’t have a physical classroom location where we do our training. Instead, our courses take place 100% online. Students do need to prove previous experience—by way of an observer endorsement—but can otherwise get everything done online.

This online-based training system is perfect if you are looking for RSA training for employees in Cairns. With Train to Gain, online RSA training in Cairns (or anywhere else, for that matter) is as simple as having a computer and an internet connection.

The speed of our program is also notable. Students can work through our online training at their own pace, which means they can get through it quickly if there is urgency. Getting the RSA certificate itself doesn’t take long, either. As soon as a student completes the training course, he or she will receive an emailed RSA certificate. This method is by far the fastest and most efficient way of getting an RSA certificate in Cairns.

Set up a Corporate Training Program for Online RSA Certificates in Cairns

If you have multiple employees who need RSA certificates in Cairns and you want to make sure that everything is taken care of in a timely fashion, you can set up a corporate voucher program. Train to Gain corporate vouchers make it easy for companies like yours to enrol multiple people in an RSA training program at once. This process eliminates any confusion about who is paying for the training/how employees should sign up. Your workers can simply focus on completing their training and getting their RSA certificates. Click here to learn more about our voucher program.

Having a staff of people who can’t legally serve alcohol can make it difficult to operate a successful restaurant, bar, club, hotel, or any hospitality business. Luckily, with Train to Gain and our online RSA training in Cairns, it’s easy to get everyone the training they need with limited expense and fuss. If you have any questions about our training or how our voucher program works, call 0400 757 645.

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